Grecia – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire claim National Bank bombing

sciopero della fame 20 dicembre – 1 gennaio

fonte: After the Greek Riots, 29.12.09

On Monday night, the group conspiracy of cells of fire posted a
communique on Athens Indymedia (greek original here)
claiming Sunday night’s attack on the national bank and insurance
agency on Sygrou Avenue in Athens. The explosion was very strong,
marking an upgrading in the group’s capacities – as they
themselves note in the communique. They send “comradely greetings”
to anarchist bank robber and prisoner Yiannis Dimitrakis, to Chilean
anarchists Freddy Fuentevilla and Marcelo Villaruel, to Gabriel Pompo
da Silva (who went on hunger strike on December 20 in the prison of
Aachen, Germany) as well as Ilias Nikolaou, Polykarops Georgiadis
(another two anarchist prisoners in Greece) and finally, Charis
Chatzimichelakis and Panayiotis Masouras, as well as the third person
in pre-trial detention in connection to the conspiracy
of cells of fire case
, who they name by initials only.

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