Greece – Deviant Behaviors for the spread of revolutionary terrorism-Cell of anarchist action

More specifically we take the responsibility for the arsons: Vehicles of NATIONAL ELECTRICAL COMPANY in Athens Two personal cop’s cars in Athens A UPS van in Athens Company’s ISI Hellas S.A. in Athens



At this point we clarify that we do not consider any rupture or disagreement that occurs in the anarchic community unreasonable because many declares that they are anarchists but they act with a completely opposite way becoming informers or slanderers, in order to achieve their aim, that only political is not, reaching in the level of counter-revolutionary and hostile. (Referring to them we point out, that each time, depending on the circumstances and the balances that we define, we choose from our arsenal the weapons with which we will attack them. This time we selected our political argument). Apart from this, we believe that it is possible that really serious political disagreements will not lead to huge gaps if we consider the great importance of common action. Even in the case where cooperation is unfeasible, political rupture can be avoided through mutual respect and if this cannot happen, the political reasons that led to the rupture must be announced in public.
Apart from the personality of each one exists there is also a deep structural reason that constitutes the root of multiple problems: the depreciation of the essential organization. Firstly, organization means clear statements, awareness of the position, the potential and contribution of each individual in a group or each team in the anarchic assembly as well as the definition of the aims that should be accomplished. The consequences of this tragic lacks are two: in the interior of various teams the absence of undertaking of responsibilities from the majority of the participants and the predominance of this culture of disorganization gives open ground for any kind of leaders who stand out through the general inactivity only by flattering, while in exterior level, work is not produced and essential development does not exist. Besides the famous amphitheater where most anarchic assemblies take place looks like more with a decadent parliament with boring speakers than the world that we are dreamed. As we claimed in our previous text in a world that is full of advertisements sharing a packet of texts in a street is simply ineffective. It does not match to our suggestions to deal individually with every consumer who watching us in a weak position and unable to do anything essential most times if he will not disdain us he will just make fun of us. On the contrary an organized anarchic assembly could create serious events that could block the normal flow of our life and could penetrate in the personal field of the citizens forcing them to listen.
We clarify that the above criticism is not referred totally to all the comrades that belong in the anarchic community as we have met appreciable and significant public actions.
In various periods of instability of the system, such as efforts of reformation in certain sectors or times of economic crises, `social resistances\’ are observed (individual or generalized). Supporters of these resistances are the teams whose interests are directly offended (such as workers that had their wage cut) but also many other people which seldom presents some homogeneity between them. The recent economic measures that were taken made a crowd of different people riot in order to demonstrate, shout, whine as well as to collide the same time that many people stayed at home crying because “that is the way it should be done”.
This crowd is constituted by elements extremely different. From ridiculous and informers paternalists up to some workers who experiencing the decay of work and modern capitalistic prosperity that finished went out in the street with a willing to collide. From usual communists to real communists that violently attacks on cops and banks. From petit bourgeois who cannot buy cars, expensive clothes or other persons any more, up to until yesterday calm and peaceful who now rage and experience the indefinite `something does not go well\’. From party men up to young people that run to participate in the road-battles. This intermixture of people, it is obvious that it cannot be categorized as a single group, goes out in the streets, strikes, protests.
We believe that in such conditions rebels and anarchists should express their opinion as it is and without any change or discount in order to be agreeable or any adjustment to the each time’s events. The participation in any event owes to maintain the characteristics of attack and intolerance and not to be absorbed in the peaceful or reformist intentions of the heterogeneous mass (in fact desirable would be the opposite). Thus we believe that revolutionary prospect is created for a lot of persons that participate in these events and have fed up all kinds of slimy followers, experiences are created for young or not persons through the collisions and the image of social peace is broken in actual fact. On the other side we consider it ridiculous anarchists to change their opinion in order to fit on events, for example anarchist to protest against salary cuts or dismissals of workers, that is to say the dispute becomes only partial. And it is equally ridiculous to refer to all this kind of people that participate in this events as ‘revolutionary masses\’ or to applaud the riot only because it is consisted of a large number of persons (fetishism of quantity only). Because however we consider that the conditions of instability that we mentioned sometimes exist and sometimes does not, sometimes are sharpened and sometimes are simply defused with many ways without their results becoming obvious, we believe in general that our action remains what it is without waiting for certain factual conditions to mature or any riot simply to participate.
In regard to the rebels companions the reality of a tangible war leads to the constitution and organization or to the inglorious imprisonment. In this case organization obtains such a vital importance that there is no need to mention it. In our effort to strengthen and to rekindle guerrilla attacks it is not enough to hit targets but we must also analyze its evolution through time in order to make its conduct more effective. The last two years revolutionary organizations started, acted and developed. The upgrade of the democratic system meant automatically the upgrade of the internal enemy of the state. A key event in the historical progress of guerrilla teams was December which with the historical and experiential legacy that left, managed to turn the diffused revolutionary violence into revolutionary consciousness for many new fighters. The incendiary teams were organized, acted and achieved the diffusion of theirs perception and theirs practice as well.
However, in September 2009 after the invasion by cops in house of a comrade a new chapter begins. Arrests, warrants, imprisonments, respectable and non respectable behaviors come to the light. The reason that we mention this particular case is not because we want to describe what happened but in order to focus on the attitude of the teams and the substructures that all of a sudden stopped their actions and to make our own criticism and self-criticism. The fact that arsons stopped immediately could be explained in a large extend because police focused on certain persons and situations. Obviously if that was the only reason then we could not criticize anything in a text like this. We believe however that apart from the targeting from police another reason was the diffuse fear or differently the lack of conscience, the inflated brains that deflated abruptly or differently the lack of consequence and constitution, the leading “columns” that disappearing left behind ruins or differently passive members incapable to continue with only weapon their own self. Finally we identify lacks of material and political substructures. Apparently, in the material and technical sector we did not participate in every team to know the know-how and the back-ups that it had developed and the only thing we want to point out is that the intense will for action should coexist with the organization and the continuous development aiming at the increase of the power of the hits but also to ensure that every individual will be able to defend its choices even in the most difficult conditions. In reference with the political deficiencies in the substructures, for us it is evident from the fact that after September 2009 and what happened until today, minimal political pressure was exerted by public action in solidarity to imprisoned and wanted rebels. Additionally anarchic community which is associated with the public, open form of fight has the misfortune to live with the ”evil union” between the emptiness of the existence and the emptiness of the mind, in a few words, gossip. Giving to police information exposes persons, creating consequences, so serious, equivalent to an informer. The disappointment of the new people because of the multiple problems of the open anarchic community that were mentioned before in combination with the depreciation of their action from a big part of this community, led to the gradual detachment of guerrilla teams from the majority of the open procedures, resulting in the breaking into pieces of the revolutionary forces and consequently the weakening of the anarchic action. Closing we consider this conscious isolation wrong but not unreasonable.
We consider that the most important weapon of each anarchist is the critical thought based on political criteria in order to be able to reject anything counterproductive, counter-revolutionnary. Instead of the relinquishment and the antagonism we propose the revolutionary dialectic, the political fermentation, the composition and not the unification of all streams and the netting of the political teams. Those last lines could simply be heard only as a theory but we cannot do otherwise because that’s exactly what it is. They are the characteristics of the mentality that we have in order to intervene in the public processes waiting for our experiment to obtain flesh and bones through action.
We build with steel our comradely relationships, stand next to each other and create ties of blood between us. We premise mutual respect and equality between us recognizing the diversity of each. We try to strengthen ourselves with the positive elements of our comrades strengthening our individuality too.We criticize each other and recognize our mistakes by making self-criticism strengthening ourselves as individuals, but also strengthening the revolutionary progress of our team.We live without hierarchy in the present and not in a distant and uncertain future that might not come.
We bring into effect our denials and propose the continuous and intransigent revolutionary action in the present without hesitations and prevarications. We arm our wishes and we look forward to the next act of war. We are always in a constant effort of individual and collective development by putting ourselves in the position of attacker. We fight the enemy with rage causing constant disruptions until the final victory. We honor the revolutionary option of continuing attack to the state knowing the consequences and always being ready to to suffer with honor and dignity.
We swoop in front of the enemy turning over the hourglass of time , waiting for the moment of explosion and the release of our anti-authority time. We exacerbate the war following the evolution of our enemy and we try to find his vulnerable points preparing the next hit. This way we have chosen to move and live.
We listen to the \’war cries\’ of the new fighters who take sides with us in the Revolutionary War , we call them to organize themselves and strike the rottenness of the systemic norm. Organize, search for new prospects in your action, exchange technical knowledge and experience, not complacent, identify the areas of stagnation and evolve them. Set new challenges to the weak aspects of yourself. Tip the wink to each other and renew your appointment for the next attack.
For all young people seeking their own paths, we propose to declare dynamic and militantly their own existence in the fields they act. Make occupation in your schools and vandalized them enjoying the feeling of destruction. Attack to the informers and the democratic worms that represents you and tries to restore the normality with sneaky ways, your parents that say that they understand you but emphasize that this is not the right way to react and suggests you to follow reformism and safety (e.g. sedentary protest, requests in the occupation, peaceful protest). We generally call the young persons to strike their institutional representatives and anyone that undermines their life. Riot and join battle, destroying the phenomenal beauty of the city. Disturb the normality and the social apathy. Read books and discuss. Seek other individuals that are close to your perception and try to become strong. Make act all your wishes, you are the boss in your life
We believe that every revolutionary team must study and analyze the actions and the texts of other teams from all over the world, to highlight the useful features of action and speech in order to evolve and enrich her overall effect. From elements clearly operational, for example how a guerrilla attack was organized or information related to the material and technical sector, up to a political opinion for a certain issue.
Of course, because of the fact that guerrilla forms and is formed by the conditions in which it is created, but also evolves from the features of the place and the time where it is developed, all over the world they exist different types of rebel teams, other with close political perception and other without. Because of the fact that the meaning of guerrilla is not clear and defined, we declare that when we speak for guerrilla we are referred to revolutionary guerrilla anarchists, rebels and certain other teams with certain rebellious features and not in guerrilla of the army or other paramilitary teams. From the Maoist rebels in the mountains of China or the Palestinian rebels up to the anarchists comrades in Chile and Argentina. From the national liberation guerrilla type of ETA (although they recently capitulated)up to the rebels in Mexico. It is a fact that few are the elements that bring us near to the Palestinian rebels, the political gap is enormous. However we owe to recognize their respectable attitude, their decision to live in danger for their own revolutionary vision, regardless of the fact that their dream is far away from ours. Furthermore, by analyzing and studying also the action of teams with different political characteristics, we draw useful and interesting elements that are adjusted in our own revolutionary conditions.
The war in every side of the planet, beyond the domestic civil war, leaves also behind imprisoned comrades, comrades who were killed in a battle and comrades who continue along us to fight free. Here is presented the issue of international solidarity, the solidarity that is not trapped in borders and states but internationalizes the resistance and brings us near with fighters from all over the world. Any imprisonment of a comrade wherever it happens means a blow for our revolutionary forces but also a reason to continue the war. The arrest of anarchists in Chile in August for the `affair of the bombs\’ that was financed from the Greek state as well does not leave us indifferent. Chilean comrades from the dens of illegality (from the lairs of L. America) they deny the participation of the arrested comrades in their bombing teams and take the responsibility for placement of bombs in various government and capitalistic targets. We stand in solidarity with teams:
We greet our anarchic comrades in Argentina who with their innovative actions contribute to the revolutionary prospect. Robberies for which responsibility is taken by `Revolutionary Cores, Brigade Luciano Arruga, Core Diego Petrissans, Core Leandro Morel, Core Juan Bianchi, Collective of 22 August, Core Simon Radowitsky “, expropriations of weapons from police stations by “Cores Juan Bianchi, Cores Heroes de la Semana Tragic, Brigade Luciano Arruga\’, as well as a robbery in French Carrefour in sign of solidarity to the French Roma by Brigade Luciano Arruga – Brigade of Heroes 1917\’. We do not forget the comrades who arrested in Switzerland because they try to blow up center of nanotechnology of IBM. The examples, of course, are indicative and in no way we can summarize names and teams in a text like this. We stand next to each comrade that continues to fight in piece of the struggle, we sharpen our action and raise bridges of solidarity with fighters from all over the world. Therefore we consider that texts like this must be translated, so comrades could read them in their own language. To this direction we also want to contribute, so we pledge that our text will be translated.
Today, the meaning of solidarity has been degenerated, the same moment that many comrades are imprisoned or wanted. We hear some to speak legalistic schemes, for unprecedented (!) war against the rebels and for fall guys or innocent altruists that were sacrificed in the altar of class-social war and in the invasion of sovereignty. And of course we observe \’\’ their solidarity“ adopting the Christian character of sympathy.
However we are convinced that we owe to anyone and anyone owes to us. We expect the worst from our enemy and the same he expects from us. In the same model, that is to say the bidirectional anarchic and free relation (friendly or hostile) we build also the relationships of solidarity.
Our fellow relations are revolutionary and consequently each movement of solidarity must be revolutionary and aggressive, must sharpen the war with our common enemy.
For this reason the captive will only accept our solidarity when it serves precisely this aim. The revolutionary solidarity is addressed to the sincere and authentic, respectable rebels, that are steady and supportive to their rebellious choices from the beginning to the end, that do not look for alternative solutions in legalistic logics, to those that put themselves in the place of the wolf and not the lamb.
Apart from their attitude, of course, we do not forget that we are united by the common or similar value code and the common choices of fight.
Finally, we consider that it is at least unashamed and counter-revolutionary for anyone to put himself in the place of non-solidarity because of personal disagreement. There is no room for political games or schemes in the process of revolutionary development either individual or collective.
In the name of this development we decided, as warriors of unorthodox war, to spread fire and insecurity to the nests of the enemy. Let’s continue the war of attrition…

More specifically we take the responsibility for the arsons:
Two personal cop’s cars in Athens
A UPS van in Athens
Company’s ISI Hellas S.A. in Athens

Source of inspiration for selecting the target of the NATIONAL ELECTRICAL COMPANY in Kapodistriou avenue was the same choice from the comrade Gannis Skoyloydis, who this moment is captive of the state. For the same case 4 comrades are wanted, who have selected the path of illegality, through a letter that they published in which they support their choices and analyze their opinion for multiform processes of fight. Moreover we do not forget that this particular company bears enormous responsibility for the growth of the capitalism and generally the development of civilization to the detriment of ourselves and nature. Member of our detectors silently invaded from the yard of a rear building and placed two incendiary mechanisms of great power. Afterwards he moved in the shadows not allowing the security guards that existed in the building to observe him. The moment where the personnel of safety noticed the fire and the explosions was too late…
The detection of personal cop’s vehicles is the easiest thing for us as they do not hesitate to move with their classic blue trousers and canards even then they are off duty. Moreover the placement of a small mechanism of 1.5 L is both discreet and effective…!
Hearing the latest march of events for the affair of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire we wanted to challenge the bastards of the anti-terrorism department with the arson of a vehicle of a company of high speed transports, in the same place and time where they were looking for conventicle and terrorists.
Finally, attacking the production company of military equipment ” Interoperability Systems International Hellas SA” we wanted to send a message of threat to the collaborators of Chilean state and to the Chilean state itself that arrested, jailed and also chased in total 14 fighters with charges of rebel attacks. We have similar ideas and value code with the comrades in Chile and for this reason we actively responded to their call for international solidarity. This particular company participated in the international aeronautical exhibition at the facilities of the Chilean air force. The exhibition attended many governmental, military and diplomatic officials. Also the certain company has been actively involved in the global purchasing sector of military products, consequently this company has contributed also in the conduct of capitalistic wars from 1991, the year of her foundation. So just before the sunrise comrade approached the back of the building and placed in its entry a suitcase filled with mechanisms of many litres of petrol and disappeared leaving behind ashes and destruction.
P.S.: After the latest events in the affair of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, we feel very proud for our rebel comrades Panagiotis Argyroy, Gerasimos Tsakalos and Haris Chatzimichelaki. We send to them fraternal greetings and the promise that as far we are entitled we will pollute the air of our enemy with fear. We dedicate to them these five arsons. We call the all rebels of our time to continue the war inside and outside the walls.

International Revolutionary Network
Deviant Behaviors for the spread of revolutionary terrorism
Cell of anarchic action

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