Responsibility claim for mass atm sabotage in Thessaloniki 7 december


The banks as pillars of capitalism create – the known and now evident- economic inequalities and construct the post-industrial capitalism, where the speed and the omnipotence of trade lead society to a complete mechanization and automatism.

On the other hand society insists to move in these predetermined ways, completely determined by the intellectual images and meanings of capitalism. What if it understands that the banks and capital cannot be maintained and exist without the callous exploitation and the more general degeneration of life, in the middle of this nodal period of evolution of capitalism, the average citizen not only is immobilized, but absorbing the dominating mentality leads to situations of social cannibalism. Instead of realising and striking the root of the problem, he repels it in midst his delirium of fear, and he defuses it either competitively to his fellow man repeating daily the dogma of capitalism ” your death, is my life”, or autistically to all sorts of outcasts (from immigrants that “take our jobs”, to young people that sit with their feet on the seats of the bus etc).

On Friday afternoon wanting to bother the predetermined time-space journeys that the average citizen and the relation of dependence that it has with the monstrosities they call banks, we sabotaged 34 ATMs in the centre, Toumba, Triandria and Kalamaria areas.

This action happened also as a minimum of solidarity to the social robber G.Dimitrakis and we call all those that have realised the above conditions to participate multiformative, immediately in the game of deconstruction of the existing.

Freedom in Giannis Skouloudis – No prosecution to the 4 wanted comrades for the same case

Freedom to the 11 arrested of the anarchist squat Nadir

Freedom the all the hostages of the social war

some people

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