Greece – Responsibility claim for a series of incendiary devices

No sheep was saved by bleating



This is why we selected on the dawn of Tuesday the 30th of November and coming up to the court of appeals the comrade robber G.Dimitrakis and the expectedly warm December we struck local organisations of “PASOK”(ruling party) and “New Democracy” (previously ruling party) of the municipality of Triandrias on H.Trikoupi street with incendiary devices that were made with small gas canisters, Placing thus ourselves on the camp of those that resist state terrorism.

Armed with hate, rage, decisiveness having our conscience clear and cut off from urban ethics, denying the lifestyle of the wannabe revolutionary, we gave a meaning to one of the most boring, miserable and meaningless nights that the state provides to the law abiding citizens -“mules”, by vomiting fire to the streets of Thessaloniki.

We dedicate our strike to the arsonist comrade G.Skouloudis and to the 4 persecuted for the same case M.Tsilianidis, D.Fessas, D.Dimitsiadis, S.Tsifkas as well as the detainees and persecuted for participation in the Conspiracy Cells of Fire.

We will return stronger and with wilder moods.




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