Sabotata antenna a Bristol , azione dedicata a Costa, Luca e Silvia

Cellphone Antenna Sabotaged with Fire, Bristol 21/5

[Bristol] Cells of Fire: Storm of Butterflies

May 21, 2010

A ‘T-mobile’ repeater was destroyed by fire. All effort
was made not to endanger any life and the mast was chosen due to its
distance from residential buildings and activity. The fence was cut
with bolt-croppers and placed at the base of the antenna, wrapped
around the electrical cables powering the mast, was a cut tyre filled
with rags soaked in paraffin. Soaked rags were also tied to the
cables and tucked into the tyre. Firelighters were used to ignite the
lot. The antenna was situated near the central Temple Meads railway
station close to a new ‘urban development’ area.
Destructive acts
against the telecommunications infrastructure of capitalist economy
are simple and reproducible, as are attacks against other facets of
industrial society. The system relies on a network of cables,
antennas and power units to enforce and sustain its exploitation. Far
from being a faceless abstract enemy, the conduits of commodity
production remain attackable at many points, vulnerable to our
courage, rage and joy.
We dedicate this action to the arrested
anarchists Costantino, Luca and Silvia in
Switzerland, accused of conspiring against a nano-tech facility; to
all the prisoners of the social struggle in Greece and to all those
who have begun to fight, in a myriad of places, of different tongues,
races and names.

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